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The blonde assistant plays the whores to fuck with her boss


A blonde assistant likes to sleep with her boss. She gets out of the shower and puts on a whore to excite him. She goes so far as to make up outrageously to show him his desire and his desire to get caught. He lifts her skirt to come and lick the pussy and tickle the clitoris. He puts down his pants and enters it immediately without any further preliminaries. He’s lucky since she gets wet like a bitch, everything is well lubricated. He fucks her by the pussy before coming to undertake her asshole that seems soft and available. She makes alleys come all alone on this stretched cock that dilates her anal duct as it should. After having enjoyed, she will receive the sperm of her boss who is delighted to have a personal assistant as naughty.

Date: April 24, 2020

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